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ADCOR donates to help save coral reefs in Belize

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Article published in: The Placencia Breeze November 2011 edition. Written by: Marion Carr

“An avid sports fisherman and frequent visitor to the Placencia Peninsula has pledged to make a helpful financial contribution to assist the protection and preservation of Belize’s reef and its fragile marine environment. In response to a plea for assistance from the Placencia Mooring Masters (PMM), Shane Adsett, owner of ADCOR Construction in Canada is donating CA$5,000 to purchase an important piece of equipment needed for buoy installations. PMM anchors mooring buoys as a best boating practice, which allows boats to easily fix their positions without using traditional drop anchoring. Boats tie on to a line, which is connected to a buoy assembly that is permanently connected to the sea floor. Shane’s donation will purchase a new BR67 marine hydraulic hammer drill, which will help current and future planned buoy installations. Since 2006, PMM has had to borrow used drills from other marine organizations in Belize and has experienced challenges with faulty performance and costly overseas repairs.

Shane’s donation reflects an appreciation for his eco-activities as a tourist in the Placencia area. While he has fished all over the world, Shane has been returning to Placencia waters almost annually over the past 10 years for some of the best sports fly fishing he has ever experienced with group of like-minded Canadians. This year he stayed on the Peninsula for an additional 10 days following his yearly caye-based fishing vacation. During this extension, he was overwhelmed by his first Belizean diving adventure and was taken aback by the grandness of Belize’s coral reef. Upon learning how the reef positively impacts the fishing and tourism industries in a country that he enjoys visiting so much, Shane decided that he would like to take part in its preservation and contacted PMM to offer his support. Drop anchoring in this region is detrimental to the health of active coral reef as the anchors irreparably damage a reef when they are dropped unknowingly onto and scrap into them. Shane and his Canada-based company have made in the face of planned cruise tourism in the Placencia Peninsula of Belize. After uniting the community to preserve the authenticity of the Peninsula, they have continued to promote collaboration between local tourism organizations and the village council to proactively develop sustainable tourism.”

Read the entire article published in The Placencia Breeze November 2011 edition. (pages 9 & 20)

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Author: adcor