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Muriel Street

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The scope of the project was a complete house demolition and gut.

The design plans called for a modern home rebuild and a third story to be added on. The only parts of the house that were kept were the exterior brick walls, joists, and balloon framing.

The basement had a new floor installed according to the Mike Holmes “dream basement floor.” In Mike Holmes’ renovation book he describes the ideal basement floor that should be in the building code but for some reason has not been added. The old floor was completely dug out to the dirt level, aggregate and new plumbing were installed, and a rigid foam insulation was placed on top. On top of the rigid foam insulation, rebar was laid and a 3.5“concrete floor was poured and flattened. With this type of floor, any time of finished flooring can be attached. We opted for a hard wood floor for the basement. The staircase was widened to the basement and opened up. An engineer was employed to ensure that the hanging staircase would be complaint for load.

The main floor was opened up to have no walls, but private space was created by a large cabinet that hides the support posts and HVAC systems. The kitchen is a modern style with an island. Granite was used for all the counter top space. New hardwood floor was installed throughout the first, second and third floor. Shane replaced the sub-floor to provide a flat and secure surface for the new flooring.

On the second floor a new staircase was installed in one of the previous bedrooms. This new staircase is a work of art and is one of the many beautiful architectural features in this new home. The second floor bathroom has an intricate tiling that augments the beauty of the granite top vanity.

On the third floor there is a beautiful Romeo and Juliet balcony space in the studio/office that looks out into the backyard. Through the Shaker style French doors one enters the master bedroom, which has a walk in closet area, and one of the most beautiful custom showers ever created.

The final product is a highly functional middle class home with aristocratic luxury and architectural beauty.

This new house is an example of ADCOR’s philosophy – quality!

Author: adcor