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What’s it like to be an employee at Adcor?

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Adcor operates by the motto “Grow your employees so they can go anywhere, be fair and treat them right so they never do”. Adcor  strongly believes that a company is only as good as it’s employees and in order to have a healthy relationship with our clients we first need to look after our employees. We treat our employees with the respect and fairness they deserve, and we support them in achieving whatever goals they wish to pursue. Growth and development both personally and professionally are of critical importance at Adcor. If an employee is unlicensed they are required to undertake their apprenticeship and ultimately attain their red seal license. We continuously strive to help our employees become stronger and one way we can do this is by looking after their medical needs should they arise. Adcor is pleased to announce that in addition to our workers having the standard (statutory holiday pay, extended holiday pay, WSIB) we now offer full benefits. These benefits include dental, disability, life insurance and and access to semi-private rooms in order to heal from illness.

Author: adcor